Business Services

Business Services

We can help you with our business services at any stage you are at. While there are no strict boundaries between each stage and where we can help, we have aligned our business services with the various stages that we know they are most helpful.

Product Development Introduction Growth Maturity Pivot
Business Advisor
Virtual CTO
Market Assesment
Roadmap Development
Business Kickoff Kit
Business Vision Definition
Business Tooling

Product Development

This is the initial stage of any product of business. The pre-launch, a time for experimenting and research to give the best chance that any effort and investment with bringing the returns expected. Making sure that there is a need, and understanding how to fill that need.


An initial offering is in place, it is in this stage that the offering is introduced to the market and time to assess the impact vs the expectations.


There is an understanding of how the offering not only fits in the market but also how that offering is providing value to the customers. The offering is working and it is time to scale.


The offering has a high degree of market penetration. Profitability is high and others are starting to see the space as worthwhile to enter. If you are a first mover, time to cement your advantage, if you are a fast follower time to stand on the shoulders


During this stage, it is time to look at where the value is within the offering, and understand if there are ways to increase that value by shifting the focus of the offering, all while attempting to run the business as usual.