Its OK to be not ok

It’s okay not to be okay.

Just a few thoughts as we all go through this time together.  


It is a big shift for all of us, a shift that has been forced upon us.

Change in general causes stress and disruption.  The changes occurring now will be with us for the rest of time.  A new normal is forming.

It is a time that is also very revealing about what we have become.  From governments arguing and unable to decide how to take action while people are dying.  To organisations and agencies using the virus as cover to start collecting more and more personal and private information.  Even individuals fighting in the aisles for toilet paper of all things.

It is easy to see the negative, particularly when we all know that it is those negative stories that “make for good reading” in the news.  It currently doesn’t take much work to have that negativity reinforced and spiral down into a very dark place.

We would do very well to recognise that and remember it.  During this time some people will end up in very dark places making decisions they normally wouldn’t make.

During my time at Tigerspike we had a couple of individuals who were always talking about the importance of mental health and the impact not just to individuals but to those around them as well.  One of the common sayings was “It is okay to not be okay”.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting on that while watching how people are reacting to the changes around.  

With all of these changes, there are many many people right now who are not okay.  

It is a good time to remember that we are all human, we all have our faults, strengths, and weaknesses, and that every single one of us at one time or another is not okay.


And that’s okay.


Take care of yourself, take care of each other, and watch out for one another.

And next time you are interacting with someone don’t forget to ask if they are okay!


Photo by Loic Leray on Unsplash


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