Inbox Overload? Email Management Best Practices to Boost Productivity

There are a few key ideas to effectively managing an inbox. These email management best practices will help you get organized and boost productivity!

Have you ever felt like you spend too much time reading through emails?

Is your inbox cluttered with unsorted mail? 

Many people spend way too much time reading their inbox throughout the day, thus reducing their work efficiency and giving them less free time.

Look no further as I will provide you with some email management best practices that you can do to improve your workflow and lessen the time you spend reading messages.

Email Management Best Practices

  • Reduce your time spent reading messages

There are several methods that people do in order to lessen the amount of time reading emails.

  1. Skim through an email. Try to think about whether or not you can reply to it within 2 minutes or so.
  2. Keep your responses short in order to maximize time efficiency.
  3. Only open emails that you are willing to respond to or that provide valuable information relevant to you.
  4. Check your email once every hour, or even once every other hour. There is no need to constantly check your messages.

Small business owners often become fixated on their emails when they are starting out because that is where the beginning of their connections are formed.

  • Keep your work email separate from your regular email

If you’re like me, you have an email that you use to sign up for everything.

This is very bad when it comes to work because the two are mixed together making it difficult to find important messages.

One of the corporate email best practices is keeping the work email separate to avoid spam and “Welcome” email from all of those sites you have signed up for.

  • Use third-party resources and software

Using a third-party is a great email business strategy because it takes work off of your hands, which gives you more time to focus on other parts of your business.

By using software, you can filter, organize, and even reply to emails automatically.

Google, in recent years, has incorporated email organization best practices into their own filtering system that makes it easier to control what you’re looking at.

Gmail’s default filter tabs are Primary, Social, and Promotions, but you can make use of inbox management to add and remove any filter that you’d like.

At ICatalyst, we can provide you with business tools to further manage your business in more efficient ways!

  • Hire an Assistant to manage emails

With an assistant trained in the office email best practices, you can have a human response to emails in order to make them more personal instead of a generic response.

Setting up a customer support email would also be great because you can incorporate the use of an assistant to reply, and software to filter the messages!

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