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7 Areas to Focus on in Your Business’ Automatization Process

There are many business processes that can be automated. Here are some areas on which to focus your automatization process.

Does your business make the most of automation?

Automation can save your business time and money by removing the need to endlessly repeat the same tasks. There are many business processes that can be automated, so the hard part is figuring out what to start with!

We are here to help. Read on for seven areas to focus on in your automatization process.

1. Absences

Simple, repetitive HR tasks like absence approvals can sap a lot of time out of the day. Automating this process could end up saving your HR department a huge amount of time in the long run. 

You can set up a system that lets each employee know how many absence days they get, how much they have taken so far. It’ll also help you track employee absence and see who is and isn’t taking their annual vacation time.

2. Purchase Order Processing

This is a repeatable process in most businesses and organizations. Its long series of steps remains the same each time, so it’s a prime candidate for automation.

A team makes a request by filling out a form and sending it to the purchasing team. This is then either approved or denied.

3. Ticketing

Support is the key to any successful business. It’s even more important for small/medium businesses.

Automating the support process can help streamline everything. It’ll help make sure customers get a prompt reply while ensuring the right team handles the query. Regular updates and quick resolutions will put a smile on your customers’ faces.

4. ‘Contact Us’ Requests

While it is great to hear from customers, you can soon find your email address overwhelmed. Answering days later won’t look very professional. It also won’t make your customers feel as though their feedback is valued. 

Automation software allows you to respond immediately. You just need to take requests via a ‘contact us’ form on your website instead of an email address.

5. Expenses

Another workflow that can work well from automation is the expense approval process. It’ll make jobs like specifying the conditions for approvals and department budgets easier. 

Juggling all this on a spreadsheet is inefficient. It will also take up a large amount of your employees work-time with non-value, repetitive tasks. Their time could be better used on more productive, less routine tasks.

6. Leads

Every business wants plenty of leads. But if you don’t have the time to contact them all, it can soon be a problem. Lead automation software can help you set priorities and organize your to-do list. 

It’ll rank leads based on how well they responded to your marketing efforts. This means you can focus on those who are willing to buy and give time to those who still need it to decide.

7. Appointments

Forgotten appointments mean wasted time and money and clients and employees often need reminders.

Automation can provide appointment reminders via email, text or another contact point. If there is a cancellation, it will notify you so you can follow up and arrange a new time and date.

Implement Your Automatization Process

As you can see, there are many processes that are suitable for automation. Any of these are the perfect starting point for your automatization process.

If you are looking to implement automation in your business, then contact us today at ICatalyst. We will analyze your business and find the perfect candidates for automation, saving your time and money.

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