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5 Small Business Technology Trends

Want to make sure your small business is on the cutting edge of tech? Then check out these small business technology trends.

Looking for a competitive advantage? Your small business will advance by leaps and bounds if you leverage the right technology. Check out these small business technology trends to realize the cutting edge of technology.

1. Cybersecurity

Small businesses are ideal targets for hackers. More than 60% of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Yet, less than 20% of small businesses realize the risk of hacking.

In 2019, cybersecurity is becoming a hot trend for businesses of all sizes and scopes. With attacks on the rise, cybersecurity might give you the competitive advantage you need to grow your small business.

2. Business Automation

The more a business grows, the more manual processes will pile up on everyone’s workload. Business process automation is the solution to streamlining your business operations and maintaining efficiency while your company grows.

Automation reduces the workload while minimizing errors and lowering costs. Automation will also increase transparency across the company.

Today, automation is on the rise, and even if you don’t adopt process automation, your competitors will.

3. Social Media Marketing

In the age of Instagram influencers and personalized marketing, you can no longer ignore social media. Social media marketing is a cost-effective and scalable method to connect with new customers and promote your products to millions.

Email advertising and Google Ads are still powerful, but social media present a new and exciting way to market your business. Clients appreciate the authenticity of influencer reviews more than the typical online ad.

Social media marketing allows you to reach new customers with personalized ads. Leads coming in from social media are highly targeted and ready to convert. In addition to influencers, social media marketing covers PPC ads, micro advertising, and video marketing.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) will help you rank higher in search engine results. SEO has been a crucial tool in getting your business out there. Today, people browse search engines not only via text, but also through voice searches.

Voice search will give you access to new demographics, including children and senior citizens. Users who normally wouldn’t use search engines to find your business, can now find you through voice search.

With mobile traffic now representing more than 50% of all web traffic, voice search is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Finally, artificial intelligence represents a range of new disruptive technologies that might transform the way we do business.

More and more AI applications make the online experience easier for users, like the voice search solutions we mentioned above. AI has the power to automate menial tasks, gather business data, and identify potential customers with unprecedented efficiency.

Leverage Small Business Technology Today

If you are serious about small business technology, we are here to help you succeed. Here at ICatalist, we help you streamline your operations and free your time to focus on what is important for your business.

Through our global network of affiliates and IT experts, we help startup and SMB owners advance to the next level. Contact us today to find out how we can help you free up crucial resources and realize the full potential of business process automation.

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