Learning from the Greats: What Tech Businesses Can Learn from Apple

There are many things your tech business can learn from one of the greatest tech businesses of all time, Apple. Read on to learn more.

Tech businesses live and die on being able to compete with the best of them.

Which tech company exemplifies that best of the best quality more than Apple?

There is much that the tech giant can show smaller tech companies. Not all of it is obvious.

Let’s follow through a few of the biggest things that made Apple the titan it is today.

Following in the Footsteps of a Giant

You can’t always guarantee that you are going to be first in line. Steve Jobs and Apple recognized that and worked with it.

The tech industry is a well-oiled machine at this point. It overflows with innovation. It churns out new and better technology every minute. It is also the most competitive market in the world.

How do you get ahead in a market that includes giants like Apple and Microsoft? You learn from them.

A Customer Focus

Apple has millions of adoring fans. They line the streets to wait for the next iPhone release. How did they get there?

A customer who believes in a company that serves them is a loyal customer. When the company treats their customers right, they win their future purchases.

In a biography on Apple founder Steve Jobs, there were three steps that every company should follow for customers.

The first, understand and serve the customer better than anyone. The second, nothing else matters. The third, every little thing should direct to the first step.

This comes in the form of attentive service and easy to use hardware and software. Apple products have a reputation for doing all the hard work for you. Their stores have dozens of customer service reps here to take care of every little problem.

Focus on the customer, and you will have a thriving business.

Paying Attention to the Future

Predicting the next big tech development is near impossible. There are signs and developments that will always give a vague idea, but you never know when change will happen.

If you are instead prepared for that change, then you will create the next big thing.

Apple does not look towards what technology can do next. It looks for what society needs next. Technology can do whatever you want, but if you can anticipate the next need of the customer population, then you can win the future.

Innovating the Innovators

Apple was not the first to most of their most successful innovations. They were not the first famous personal computer. They didn’t have the first MP3 player or even tablet.

What they did was make what they saw as the best and most attractive of those products.

They built on the mistakes of their competitors and made them blunder through the growing pains of a new market. They then built a better version and sold it off as the last line of innovation.

Being first doesn’t mean anything if the competitor after you wins the extra mile.

Reminds me of an Irish folk tale from my school days, of the Wren and the Eagle and the battle for ‘King of the Birds‘ title.

How Tech Businesses Improve

Building a tech empire does not happen overnight. It also does not happen alone. There are a thousand details to understand and overcome.

Tech businesses that succeed understand the power of a helping hand. We at ICatalyst strive to take the worry out of building your tech company. Learn more about what we can do today.

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