Business Advisor

When focusing on an offering it is often difficult to see things from various perspectives.  This is the role of the Business Advisor.  To question, poke, and prod and concepts and fundamentals and to bring in other lenses through which to view the business.  It is not the role of the advisor to make decisions, but rather to introduce a view on the decisions made or to be made given the advisors experience.


  • Planning Sessions
  • Focus Workshops
  • Business Review
  • One on one mentoring sessions with key stakeholders


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Review
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Business Review and Feedback
  • Business Strategy Review and Feedback
  • Mentorship Progress Reports

Pricing (SGD)

Cost (SGD)FrequencyDescription
15,000QuarterlyThe retainer covers:

- Planning Session in the quarter
- Mentoring session per week per quarter, this usually covers mentoring 2 team members on a biweekly basis
- Day Business Focus Workshop per quarter, usually with key stakeholders prior to the Planning Session
- Business Review and Feedback report per quarter
- Business Strategy and Feedback report per quarter
2,000MonthlyFor each additional team member to be mentored
5,000OnceTo conduct a competitor analysis
5,000OnceTo conduct a profit and loss analysis