Business Kickoff Kit

Starting a new business?  There is a lot to do, a lot to think about, and a lot to prepare for.  The good news is however, it is a solved problem so rather than starting from scratch, build upon the ICatalyst Kickoff Kit which can be tailored to your tone, values, and language.


  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Template Look and Feel Selection
  • Training Session


  • A list of everything you will need to adjust and tailor within the kit
  • A ready to go set of Google Doc templates with your branding covering the documents that you will be creating the most within the business such as:
    • Blank Document Template
    • Letter Template
    • Mutual NDA
  • A presentation ready Google Sheets template with your branding that is customisable for your use
  • A set of policies written using your templates to cover the requirements of GDPR and aligning to Cloud Security Alliance, includes documents such as
    • Onboarding Process
    • Offboarding Process
    • Privacy Policy
    • Cookie Policy
    • Terms of Use
    • Data Privacy Policy
    • Password Policy
    • Service Level Agreements
  • A fully documented and diagrammed PCI/DSS Compliant AWS environment within which to launch any digital products
  • A fully functional multi site WordPress installation with primary site and internal wiki
  • A set of continuous deployment tools to monitor, manage, and maintain source code written by your team or third parties

Pricing (SGD)

Cost (SGD)FrequencyDescription
15,000OnceIncludes 2 Training and Knowledge Transfer sessions